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Rough nail files do more harm than good to fingernails, and should be replaced with very fine nail files.Dear friends, readers, as you may have guessed by the title of this post, the time has come for me to say goodbye… The main reason it’s time for me to say goodbye is, as you may know, I’m growing a little human.

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Side edges should not be cut but may be rounded with an Emory board.

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Normal, healthy nails appear smooth and have consistent coloring.Having clean, healthy fingernails can indicate healthy conditions.Bean marked a spot on his nail, near the cuticle, and measured how far it traveled in a month.Working with paper is extremely drying to the skin and nails.Paint your nails the base color you want first, then let them dry.

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Indulge in a full-service mani and pedi experience from a talented nail tech at this salon and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.Read After that, you can add some special nail-art stickers, or paint on designs using nail polish and special tools.There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

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The most common culprit for a black toenail is blood under the hard tissue.

Synopsis: Brittle nails are often a result of aging but may be due to diseases and conditions there are several methods to deal with brittle and split nails.The very best way to clip thick toenails to help the nails look normal and thin is explained below.Causes of Thinning of nail plate (Thin nails): See detailed list of causes below.This is commonly called nail bed cyanosis and is a sign of poorly oxygenated blood or more accurately unoxygenated hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein in red blood cells.They can thicken with age, from injury, due to poor circulation, or genetics.Since pet rabbits are not able to dig and wear down their claws inside your house or apartment, their nails will invariably grow too long.Aging has been described as the predominant cause of vertical ridges on the fingernails.

Typically the problem develops from repeated trauma over time, for instance, continually bumping.

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If your doggie has enough possibility to walking on hard surfaces like ceramic tiles, stone flooring or concrete pavement in your yard, that helps to maintain his claws.

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Onychorrhexis is the medical term used to describe longitudinal ridges on the nails that often accompany brittle nails.Peeling nails can be the result of outside or external trauma to the nail.Damage to the end of the toe causes blood to leak through the nail bed and stain the keratin a dark color.

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Over 20 years, the doctor discovered his rate of nail growth slowed as he got older, notes Wired.After the entire nail is covered, wipe off your brush again and go over all 4 nails again to ensure that you have a very thin, even coat. Cure. Place the 4 fingers under the lamp and cure for 45 seconds.

The good news is that you can always invest in a good pair of protective gloves that can help prevent and heal brittle nails.Generally, nails have a sharp point on one end and a flattened head on the other, but headless nails are available.Finding the Best Nail Art is a challenge because there is just so many nice nails on display at all times.

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Also, nails should only be filed in one direction, as sawing back and forth weakens the nail.

This is also known as a subungual hematoma, or a bruise under the nail.

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I recently answered a question about splitting, soft fingernails from a reader of one of the popular web sites where I contribute as a skin expert.